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Any remodeling or custom cabinetry project will cause some change in your living or work environment.  The more organized the client, the smoother the transition.  Carpentry Classics recommends that clients take the following steps in preparing for a project.


When preparing for your initial meeting:

Have an idea of what you would like, but be prepared to be flexible as many plans change.

  • Have a budget, this will be helpful in choosing materials.

  • Prioritize your needs.  Is the type of counter important? Do you insist on using a specific wood?

  • Would you like to use green materials?

  • Have a time frame in mind.


In reviewing your estimate:

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns. 

  • Write down any changes you want to make, it is much easier to make a change now, before the project begins.


In preparing for the project to begin:

  • Remove all items from the work area.  The less clutter the faster the project will move. 

  • Advise the contractor of any pets.

  • Advise the contractor of any security alarms.

  • Inform the contractor of any project restrictions, i.e. working hours and days.

  • Communicate your needs.


As the project wraps up:

  • Walk the project and make a punch list of anything you feel needs to be addressed.


After the project:

  • Enjoy your new space

  • Call with any questions or concerns

  • As the saying goes: Have a problem tell me. Have no problems tell your friends.

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